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Ever wondered why one minute you’re supercharged and the next, lethargic? Then this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds is a must!

Last week, I was talking to a friend about my kidney. The truth is, I have an issue with my right kidney and I’ve been trying to heal it for the last year. And when I explained my options, my friend shouted: “you need this person! He’s amazing at what he does, he’s given me my life back.”

Now I haven’t suffered with any health problems for the last 4 years, however sometimes the universe raises things to the surface, in order to give us clearing. So this was my next test. Anyhow..

At first, I shock my head and then learnt how she had suffered with adrenal fatigue for years, and she thought it just depression – ouch! The reality was, she didn’t have depression, she was just lacking things in her diet.

When I spoke to her health coach Jose Farinha, he explained what was happening to my kidney and how the kidney’s are like the batteries of the body! He’s the first person to simplify everything – after seeing 4 surgeons and several holistic experts!

Jose is the founder and Director of JF Health Coaching, with a mission is to help people change their lives through health. He strongly believes that a healthy person with a vibrant personality will attract positive vibes and people, and things in their own life. Jose understands why focusing on nutrition is key, having being overweight.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds TV, we talk about the importance to pay attention to the kidneys and 5 top tips to increase your energy.

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What’s your tip for increasing your energy?

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