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What if it were possible to heal from within using mindfulness? Then look no further. This week’s guest is a perfect exampe of living a transformative life.

He understands what it takes to become a higher version of yourself and become a radiant of self love and mindfulness. He understands that each of us is a transmission tower, and we are responsible for the energy we emit out into the world.

Shannon Algeo is a mindfulness and yoga teacher, who has helped thousands of people around the globe tune into their life’s purpose, and activate transformative personal and career growth.

He’s the co-founder of SoulFeed, an online media company that delivers inspiring content to over 160 countries and has interviewed inspirational leaders like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Gabby Bernstein. He believes that love is key to setting yourself and each other free.

Shannon is a beautiful soul with a loving heart, and he understands what it takes to transform into a better version of ourselves and live a life of purpose.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds TV, we talked about purpose, relationships, spirituality, the power of community, and the state of our world. Including five top tips for becoming mindful.

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What’s your tip for becoming mindful?

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