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Meditation is a beautiful experience – you can feel lighter, happier and closer to your higher self – eee! Yet, in the meditation world, different people have their own sets of rules. And if you decide not to follow, some may even punish you – which is cray cray!

The truth is, you can meditate how ever the f**k you want! Take me for instance, I’ve been meditating since I was a child, having been raised in a Sikh family. I would sit in the temple in moments of silence, listening to the sweet sounds of kirtan (hymn music) and connecting to oneness and I felt awe!

As the years went by, I became detached from God and any form of meditation as I went on a long journey of toxic behaviour. In 2012, I had a massive transformation which shaped my life forever. I began to meditate, connect with my higher self and I certainly didn’t follow any rules. I just listened from within.

Later, I created my own pattern and understanding of meditation and felt so joyful and abundant as I removed the blocks from my life. Then I decided to incorporate things from the meditation world that resonated with me. Now this weeks guest is well known in the meditation world and is definitely not one to follow rules!

He’s the founder of the Secrets Of Meditation and believes that rules are made to be broken – oh yeah!

Davidji is an internationally recognised stress-management expert, meditation teacher and author, who has helped thousands of people around the world to perform at higher levels and make better decisions and experience abundance.

He’s a presenter on Hay House radio and his teachings are now practiced in many of the top Fortune 500 companies. He understands what it takes to heal from within.

On the show, we talked about how to meditate if you’ve never meditated before and the importance of finding what works for you. Davidji also provided several meditations that you can follow at your own pace!

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How do you meditate? And what helps you to meditate?

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