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How can you heal from within? This is what I get asked all the time. The truth is many of us fail to realise how powerful our mindset is, until we hit a low point.

Now, imagine waking up in your first year of college, dreaming of becoming a theatre singer to later find out your voice has gone, and you have lymphatic cancer.

This is Alex Kip’s story.

Moving five years ahead, Alex is cancer free, overcoming cancer with only a 15-30% chance of survival and has healed his other health conditions, including his singing voice. He’s in complete remission and is dedicated to the liberation of all beings.

Alex is now a mindfulness teacher and helps people remember their true self, so they can learn to experience life in the present moment and finally be free.

By training from his past mistakes, conscious awareness, and direct experience, his clients learn beyond theory what true healing and self-love is.

He’s the co-founder of SoulFeed, an online media company that delivers inspiring content to over 160 countries and has interviewed inspirational leaders like Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein. He believes that we can all heal from within.

Alex is an amazing soul with a beautiful spirit, and he understands what it takes to transform and heal from within.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds TV, we talked about the power of self belief, how love can heal everything and five top tips to find your soul’s purpose.

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Have you healed from within? If so, what did you do?

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