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Women may be free in their sexuality, live life on their own terms and work alongside men, however gender equality is something our world still struggles with. So why is that?

Well, this week we spoke to The Grewal Twins aka Hernoor and Sukhman Grewal who are experts in the history of gender equality and we discuss the expectations of women and why we haven’t moved forward.

Now I’m a firm believer of equality and we all deserve to be treated the same, however I’ve noticed that the expectation of women in the South Asian community, hasn’t really moved forward despite being in the year 2017.

Personally, I see Asian women becoming high flyers in their careers, however traditional beliefs that the cooking, cleaning and looking after the children is sill a women’s role is deeply disturbing.

Statistics in the UK show that higher rates of suicide and depression is among South Asian women.

Hernoor and Subhuman are the founders of the Grewal Twins blog, where they share their creative insights of equality and identity. They believe we all deserve equality regardless of gender and ethnicity.

They believe there is more to life than jobs and paying bills. They believe it’s just as important to feed our soul as it is to feed our stomach, and they express themselves through their British-Sikh-Punjab identity.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds TV, we talk how to love yourself unconditionally and why gender equality is key. We also discussed how South Asian women lack self love and what needs to be done.

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