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We often get told that self love comes first before we can love another soul. However this week’s guest believes that we can only love our bodies first before we can love another person.

Ellie Aaron is an amazing yoga and meditation teacher, who is helping people to love their bodies. She is the founder of SENMO, a movement practice that uses sensuality, yoga, dance and medtation and also hosts the podcast, The Ellie Aaron Hour, where she explores what it means to be human.

She believes that love starts with our body and once we connect from the outside, we can then connect from the inside.

Now it’s very rare when I go OMG, yes this person rocks and that is how I felt during this interview. Ellie really understands what it takes to transform from the outside inside.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds TV, we talked about how to love your body and 5 top tips to start yoga for the first without feeling overwhelmed.

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What’s your tip for yoga and which yoga style do you like?

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  1. Whenever you see an image in a magazine, commercial ad, or some other media outlet, remind yourself that the image is false. The person you are looking at has most likely been air brushed and altered to look like that. You should not compare yourself to computerized images. Give yourself compliments. Having love in your life starts with loving yourself. You should view and treat yourself with the same kindness and admiration you would with someone you love. You probably wouldn’t critique another person’s body for the same things you critique on yourself. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a compliment, go easy on your mistakes, and forgive yourself when you mess up. Drop the self-hatred, and replace it with understanding and appreciation.

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