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Do you feel like you’re not living your purpose? 

Naturally, we all feel like this and that’s okay…

When we are not sure, we just need to trust the process and let things flow. 

You see, our flow is connected to our higher power – which is connected to the self. 

When we let this unravel, amazing things happen for us. Even those who know their purpose…things can transform and suddenly change. 

Now imagine being a well known singer, working alongside John Legend, travelling the world, being an opening act for Neo on stage; having a song with Fatman Scoop and being a songwriter, model and actress…

To suddenly wanting more from life, a life that no longer involves singing. Welcome to the story of Thara Natalie.

Many people know her as Jay Sean’s wife and the mother of Avya, however Thara’s story is truly inspiring and we can all learn something from her. 

After being in the music industry for several years, she found it hard to find her balance and this led her on a journey of yoga…which actually SAVED HER LIFE!

Thara is now a yoga teacher and nutritional coach and helps people to tone from the inside out. She’s the founder of Get Toned With Thara and is the co-founder of Fireshaper Tenafly a Yoga studio in New Jersey.

On the show we talk about purpose, following your intuition and living a healthier lifestyle. 

She’s such a beautiful soul and so humble. Hand on heart, she knows so much about health and wellbeing and why it’s important to heal from the inside and trust your inner power. 

Thara also shares her 5 top tips for someone who is wanting to tone from the inside out.

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What’s your tip for increasing energy and keeping healthy?

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