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Have you ever wanted that perfect body? Do you dream of eating your favourite foods without being on a diet? Then this ones for you!

In this weeks episode of Get Inspired With Gurds, we spoke to Byron Morrison who is shaking up the health and wellbeing industry.

He believes we can all have great health and the body of our dreams, without gibing up on our favourite foods!

Aha yes, you heard right!

Byron is the founder of Tailored Lifestyles where he’s helping people to live a healthy life. He’s the author of Become A Better You and transformed his own health around after seeing his dad go through cancer.

It was this wake up call that set him on his path of helping others and teaching his clients how to live a balanced lifestyle – without feeling guilty about their food.

In this episode of Get Inspired With Gurds, we talk how to create a balanced lifestyle, why sleep is SUPER IMPORTANT and 5 top tips for someone who is trying to lose weight.

I hope you found some guidance or understanding that will help you take a step toward a balanced lifestyle. I know I did.

My love and abundance,


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