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You’ve probably heard of the inspirational woman I’m interviewing today. And if you haven’t, I’m super duper excited to introduce her to you.

Heather Dane is the 21st Century medicine woman and the Hay House Co-author of Loving Yourself To Great Health and most recently, The Bone Broth Secret, which were written with Louise Hay. She’s combine ancient wisdom from her native American lineage with holistic health, epigenetic and nutrition.

I’ve been a huge fan of Heather’s and I deeply admire the way she speaks about life, health and nutrition and I love her veggie broth. I’m so happy to bring her insights to you today.

This conversation is rich and juicy in content and an eye opening for everyone.

If you are looking for hope in your healing process, this conversation will do it!

The sensational Heather and I had an incredible discussion about how we both took alternative routes to heal conditions when mainstream medicine could not help us.

Heather discusses her 5 top tips to discover your unique healing code, epigenetics, nutrition, self-care, but most of all we share stories and dive into deep truths that we all know in our hearts. Enjoy!

I hope you found some guidance or understanding here that will help you take a step towards your health and intuition.

Peace & solitude,

Gurds XO

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