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Nothing is more important than being yourself and trusting in the power of you. Yet, sometimes we are side tracked by all the noise around us, and forget about our spiritual truth.

We begin to feel isolated and confused. We don’t know who to turn to and suddenly feel like outsiders.

Now, this week’s guest knows a lot about this.

Having felt like an outsider in her early years, she spent many years trying to understand who she was and what she wanted to do.

This led her to chose relationships that didn’t serve her and jobs that didn’t empower or enlighten her spiritual truth.

Causing her to go on a destructive path and suffer with deep anxiety.

Several years on, her life has changed. Alicia threw herself into self-development courses, speaking events and focused on her mind, body and well-being.

She began listening to her self worth and spiritual truth and now teachers other women to do the same.

Alicia is such a loving soul and from the moment we spoke, I realised how special her light and work is.

Alicia Aberley is now an International Women’s Empowerment and Mindset Coach who guides women through the art of putting themselves first, so they can live on their own terms.

She’s an accredited NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist; an Author, Speaker and Reiki Master, who teaches mindset processes, body awareness and soul work.

On the show, we talk about Alicia’s story, her personal transformation and how she increased her self worth. She also talk about how generational pattens can affect our upbringing.

Did you relate to this story? If so, Alicia’s book Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind is available, with all the tools she used to transform.

We’d love to hear from you.

What’s your tip for creating self worth?

With all my love and gratitude,


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