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If you spend enough time reading books about meditation, yoga and other healing modalities – chances are every author and teacher thinks their way is the right way, and that’s the only way – bah humbug! 

The truth is everyone has their own healing method and that’s linked to their own spiritual connection with the divine/higher power. I firmly believe that no one has the right to tell you anything else.

Remember you are part of the divine and if anyone has a problem with your method, then their disrespecting divine/higher power itself. 

Trust me, I’ve heard it all, “no you shouldn’t be doing that”, “my way is better”, “you need to visit this meditation class” or “you won’t connect with the divine if you don’t do this”.

In the past, I would have trusted them and ignored my inner psyche and believe me, I’ve tried many healing techniques from yoga, meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), gong ceremony, Simran (chanting) and so more. However spirituality has no boundaries and we all have the right to heal in our own unique way. 

Personally, I’ve never been to a meditation class and I don’t plan on going to one. You see, I’ve been meditating as a child – I was raised in a Sikh household where we would sit in the temple and listen to Kirtan (spiritual prayers) and connect with self.

Yet as a child, I didn’t understand the words and it’s healing energies. However as I grew older, meditation re-entered into my life and the dots connected. Instead of listening to others, I focused on my own meditation and listened to the flow of my own healing. 

5 years on, I still practice the same meditation ritual every morning and I feel at ease. A few months ago, the lovely Davidji and I spoke about this on the show and the importance of finding your own spiritual practice (worth having a listen to, hehe).

This week I’m super excited to discuss the healing powers of Kirtan, a spiritual service that I grew up with, and how I incorporate this into my healing practice. Of course, it wouldn’t be a podcast without my lovely guests and this week I’m super excited to re-introduce the Grewal Twins.  

Hernoor and Sukhman are the founders of the Grewal Blog where they express their British-Sikh heritage and display their creativity, through writing, photography and Kirtan, and they believe we all have our own healing methods. 

In this episode of the GWIG podcast, we discuss the history of Kirtan and what it means to all of us, and their 5 top tips for someone who is lacking peace at the moment. 

Now we’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever tried Kirtan and how did it feel for you?

With all my love and gratitude,


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