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Nothing is more important than following your purpose and trusting in the power of you. Yet, do you have too many passions and have trouble knowing which one to follow? Believe me, I get it. 

I’ve always been multi-passionate and I’ve switched my focus around several times. Leaving many people thinking, is she totally confused.com? Including myself, oops!

Back then, I would have agreed with them. But now as an inspirational speaker, transformational life coach and author, I understand the importance of being multi-passionate, and how to execute all my passions under one umbrella. 

Growing up, I had many passions. From gymnastics, playing the harmonium, working in a pharmacy (whilst studying a degree in journalism, yup, you heard right!), wanting to take up fashion designing, becoming a broadcast journalist, financial publisher, researcher, newsroom assistant, script writer, radio presenter; participant in a beauty pageant, health writer, media practitioner, film maker, media trainer, and so much more. 

Many would have thought I was frigging cuckoo! Yet, the power of being multi-passionate, allows me to apply all my skills into one thing, hehe.

I firmly believe we are all spiritual beings with unlimited potential and no one has the right to advise you, to focus solely on one passion. It’s your life, do what you love!

Now this week’s guest knows a lot about this.

Having gained an honours in psychology, to working in a petrol station, then a farm in Italy, to working on her PhD, Anna felt lost and confused. She had many passions and didn’t know which one to choose.  

Until she fell across an opportunity to start her own business. Within six months her business was earning her a full time income, and a 6-figure income within 18 months. 

Anna May Terry is now a business coach who helps her clients how to go from feeling frustrated, burnt out and lost, to feeling empowered. She also helps them to create an exceptional business and life and believes we can all be multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

On the show, we talk about the importance of taking care of yourself first, whist running a business, the power of being a multi-passionate person, and her 5 top tips for someone who is lacking confidence in following their dreams. 

Now we’d love to hear from you.

Are you multi-passionate and how do you balance your passions?

With all my love and gratitude, 



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