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Trusting ourselves in a world that’s trying to teach us not to be ourselves, can be difficult. 

Often we can get lost in the process of what others think about us, and that itself can be harmful.

Even for someone like myself, I struggled with trusting my inner light. However one afternoon in 2012, everything changed…my heart said, enough is enough, just be you.

This was a powerful force to get me out of a career that no longer served my purpose. Something I had out grown off.  

Instead, I was ready to serve from my new energy. The one from source that was always there, yet I somehow had hidden all of those years.

My soul was itching to learn from a place of patience, present and flow. The old way of life was no longer serving me. I was ready for a new chapter. 

In the book Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell, she guides you to answer your souls calling and work on your light, so we can all light up the world with our authentic spirit. 

As Maya Angelou said: 

“Let nothing dim the light that shines within.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 

This week I had the pleasure to have Rebecca on the show and we talked about her personal journey of leaving the media world (similar to myself) and then following her life’s calling.

Rebecca gave an amazing tip in how to tell others what you do, worth listening to!

She also shares her 5 top tips for someone who is struggling to turn their lights on and follow their calling. 

If you’re currently stuck at the moment, this show is definitely for you!

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Have you followed your purpose? What was your journey?

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