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We are all here to be bright lights in the world – modern-day spiritual beings, living with purpose. 

However, too often we get distracted by other people’s rules and regulations. And we stay in jobs longer than we need to; usually that job isn’t serving our soul, yet we carry on! 

Sometimes we spend beyond our means and wonder, how did we get here?

Believe me, I totally understand, I worked many jobs that didn’t serve my soul. I did things for the sake of money and in the end, I felt drained and miserable. 

Many things in our lives, are linked to the stories we’ve been telling ourselves. From the way we manage our money to how we live our lives.

Most of these things are linked to our childhood. However, we always have the ability to transform. 

Imagine if you could find out what’s holding you back from creating immense financial abundance. 

Imagine if you could learnt how you can activate your feminine power, leadership and wealth creation gifts. 

This weeks guest know a lot about this.

Having been a single mum and living a job that didn’t serve her purpose, Tara Travis shares how she got unstuck and began to live in the present moment with ease and flow. 

On the show, Tara shares her personal experience of how she dug herself out of her money mind story, became financially abundant and how she helps women to receive divine compensation, in exchange of doing meaningful and deep transformational work in the world.  

Tara also shares her 5 top tips for someone who is struggling financially in their business. 

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Are you a money magnet? What are your tips?

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