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Here’s a secret to my own personal journey. I wrote my life story out in 7 hours, with 30 pages. 

I cried and laughed and called all the people who I had felt hurt me, to let the air clear. This was my journey that set me free from the story I had been telling myself for so long. 

Similarly, my guest on the show today shares his own journey of how he took a road trip to love, and followed his path to raising his inner light.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take that leap of faith and follow your souls calling. However if we hold back, we are actually doing a disservice to ourselves and the thing above. 

On the show, Chris Tompkins a teacher, speaker and spiritual life coach, shares his personal journey of transformation; how he realised that he was his own light and was ready to embark on a journey with himself. 

He teaches interpersonal development, self-empowerment and confidence to his clients and has also spoken at TEDx.

He believes we learn from the things we aren’t told as a child. Chris believes we can all connect with our spirituality, love ourselves and take full responsibility for our lives.

Chris also shares his 5 top tips for someone who is struggling to heal from within.

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What tools have helped you to shine your inner light?

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