Through Gurds’ healing techniques and positive mantra, many have learned to create more compassion, self-love, healing and joy in their lives – emotionally, mindfully and spiritually. From childhood trauma. Depression. Addiction. A dismal diagnosis. Experiencing challenge after challenge, Gurds Hundal decided to make some radical life changes. Gurds believes that we can all look from within and heal broken wounds, create peace and take a journey of blissful healing. Read my story to rewrite yours.

An Unexpected Story…


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  • moment I surrendered to the universe everything                     changed. It was here that I took my power back,                      became a soul warrior and a manifesting rockstar.               It’s the moment I reclaimed my self worth, forgave               my past, and re-connected with my higher self. It’s the moment I turned                   my trauma into my biggest strength and followed my dreams. And it’s                       the moment I realised I AM WORTH IT!  

    “The greatest gift in life is the ability to look                          from within and accept your beautiful self.”


    I was a wrecking ball. I had a lot of anger and resentment in my life.                                       I was very unhappy – I was tired of the drama, the unreliable friends,                                 the cheating, the deep anxiety and depression and most of all, the                                 lack of self worth. And alcohol and medicines had become my coping                           mechanism.

    Prior to this, I had suffered with anaemia, an eating disorder, IBS and                     various mind and health problems – including a car accident, that had                           left me with short term memory loss and a fall in Canada, which led to                              a loss of sensation in my left arm. I had collapsed in my work place, lost               someone in a car accident and put others ahead of myself. And as I sat                                 in the hospital for a cancer scare, I heard a broken voice in my head say:                          “this isn’t the life you wanted.” My eyes were flowing and my heart was                 aching. I had enough and then it dawned me. I was responsible for this                     mess. I had manifested everything in my life and I had chosen to live a                           life of pain and suffering.

    For years, I blamed others for my pain. I used food as a way to hide my                   feelings, alcohol as a way to mask the pain and a brick wall to protect                     myself, instead of getting to the root cause of the problem – my inner                   thoughts.

     I had created this mess – the emotionally abusive relationships, the                             self destructive patterns, the chronic health issues, the friendships                             that  broke down. On the outside, everyone thought I was happy –                               with the perfect job, the money, the adventures. On the inside, I was                                     destroying my soul, inner peace and values.

  • Step by step, I forgive my past and myself, I injected daily doses of self  love and ditched the medicines, and I began meditating. I fell in love with myself and I cut         all ties with destructive people, and replaced them with joyful souls. I embraced positivity and began to connect with my higher self.

    I began a radio show on UK Health Radio to interview inspiring individuals who         had transformed their lives around from various mind and health issues. I saw             the patterns of transformations. I shifted my diet to a balanced lifestyle.

    I no longer drink alcohol or take medications. I love and accept myself and I              wouldn’t change anything. Self love was my healer.

    “If you can’t love yourself, no one else will. Love starts from within.”

    Now, I’m here to create soul warriors. I want to empower people to believe                     in themselves. I want to help you, unleash your spiritual side and connect from within. I want to help you make peace with your past and forgive yourself.                       I want to help you love and accept yourself and discover your gifts. I believe                we all have the ablity to heal ourselves and connect from within.

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