“Meeting Gurds was life changing. She instantly sparked my fire to burn brighter and continually poured into my life. Once you hear the tone and passion in your voice, you know that it’s time to get to business! She is a pure version of herself and hasn’t allowed anyone to taint what picture she was sent on Earth to paint!”
    Jonathan Kegler


    “After chatting with Gurds I gradually began to change my mindset and way of thinking about myself. It was more thank just thinking positive, it’s become more a belief in myself and not letting others opinions affect me. This has helped me gradually make sustainable changes. I’ve learnt that one small change at a time is key.”
    Nicola Dickinson

  • “Gurds has a gifted talent in making others to believe in oneself and always raised the standards of achievements that immensely helped me in realising my full potential irrespective of any shortcomings and obstacles. I now believe that anything is possible.”  Shyman Mohan

  • “Gurds has an amazingly, pretty mind and soul. There were moments in conversations where I would stop to digest her words, simply because they really touched me. If anyone needs a little helping hand in becoming more inspired and motivated – she’s your lady!”
    Dj Harpz
  • “A stunning young lady that overcame the true horror of her past. You need to hear this stunning lady tell you how to overcome the pain of the past and how to strive.”
    Dr. Leonard Coldwell

  • “Gurds is an awesome inspirational queen. She is a true gift.”
    Andrew Muhammad

  • “Gurds and I worked on an audio documentary about male eating disorders. Gurds was high professional and personable and Body Gossip were really pleased by the resulting audio, which got the message across concisely and powerfully.”

    Natasha Devon

  • “She is a true inspiration and has a real gift for helping people transform their lives around. Hearing her story will  give you goosebumps.”
    Simone Vincenzi
  • “Gurds is the strongest, most versatile woman I know. I’ve never felt confident when it comes to my career, yet she’s been there striving me to do better, helping me believe in myself.”
    Bekie Harrington-Bell

  • “Gurds is an angel on earth. Her passion bleeds through her actions as she does all she can to make the world a better place. Her energy alone can uplift you, no matter your mood.”

    Chawn Bracey

  • “Gurds thank you for everything and every bit of advice you have given. It has helped me get over many issues that were very emotional to me. Not only have I found you to be an amazing role model as well as an inspiration.”
    Saadia (Young person)

  • “Gurds is a stunning role model and a great example of how easy and natural it can be to wake up and heal yourself once you become aware.”

    .             Dona Sasarman

  • “Having suffered myself I usually find it difficult to talk about. Gurds made me feel instantly at ease, I found her extremely approachable, friendly, patient and above all exceptionally professional. She is a very lovely lady.”
    David Campbell

  • “Little did I know she was going to be such a huge source of strength and inspiration. She’s incredibly warm and friendly.”
    Bukky Dosumu

  • “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have worked with. She challenged me and gave me different outlooks on how to make my life more efficient.”
    Dewayne Fanfair

  • “Gurds is such an inspirational woman to many including me.”
    Sana Khan

  • “As soon as I met Gurds, she was so personable and really took the time to understand what I was struggling with. At each session I found that we really vibrated at the same frequency. It was like talking to an old friend rather than someone I had just met. She made things so comfortable that I felt that I could share anything with her. She’s really helped me get on the path that I needed to be on, to live life on my own terms.” Poonam J

  • “Gurds is like a breath of fresh air, after speaking with her, I can achieve what I want in life and want to thank her for being herself, the amazing woman she is.”
    Amit Kumar

  • “Gurds has brought me back from a dark patch in my life. She inspired me to look at the positives in life and how to deal with negative emotion constructively. She is a true inspiration bursting with positive energy.”
    Anisha Karim

  • “You’re beyond amazing. I want to say thank you for being so inspiring. Your strength and hard work has shown me that anything is possible if you put hard work in.”
    Indie Gordon

  • “I’m really glad I read your status today. I’m soon to be starting a new path in my career and it scares me, but having read your status I have faith in myself and will no longer take the opinion of negative people.”

  • “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. If that’s not what you’re doing then I don’t know what is. Thank you.”
    Jason McIver


    “Gurds is truly inspirational…there are no excuses. Thank you for this! Hope to meet you one day!”
    Aliss Tang

  • “Gurds you’re an inspiration and I thank you for your wonderful advice and support.”
    Reefa (Young person)