The Abundance 3-week virtual course is based on Gurds Hundal’s journey. This course will help you create beautiful, joy and abundance by adding radical shifts into your life. Through each simple transformation, you’ll be consistently embracing love, forgiveness and acceptance – which will transform your life in inspirational ways you may have never imagined.

The course is presented as videos and audio and throughout the 3-weeks, Gurds shares her personal experience of the Soul Warrior Method™ and how you can apply this into your own life. Throughout the training, you will follow-along with workbooks and weekly activities.

WEEK   1


Gurds will help you get honest about how words have impact and how it has held you back from activating abundance. She’ll offer powerful tools that will lead you to experience breakthroughs, whether you’re single or connected. She’ll guide you to set a solid understanding of your personal vibration and where you have picked your habits from, and release the blockages to create joy in your life.

WEEK   2


Get ready to learn about the importance of self-love and forgiveness. Gurds will guide you to accept your relationship with yourself, and release old patterns of self hurt and judgements. She’ll offer you an insight into your DNA Self Love, and let go of your victim mentality and accept yourself with love and worthiness.

WEEK   3


Gurds offers powerful tools that will lead you to experience the life of a Soul Warrior! She’ll help you shift your focus from fear to abundance, and focus your power to create vibrational change in your world. When you focus on gratitude and affirmations, and surrender, your heart opens to a life of blissful joy and abundance.


  • Connector.

    Spiritual tools to help you clear blocks, overcome obstacles, improve relationships and elevate your energy.

  • Connector.

    Personal memoir from Gurds’ own life, offering powerful lessons and inspirational stories.

  • Connector.

    A step-by-step guide through the Soul Warrior’s Method™ and mindfulness journey.

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    Take the online course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home – with lifetime access to it.

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    Expand your inner awareness; feel love and abundance and achieve eternal peace.


Practical tools you can apply immediately in your own life.


    “Meeting Gurds was life changing. She instantly sparked my fire to burn brighter and continually poured into my life. Once you hear the tone and passion in your voice, you know that it’s time to get to business! She is a pure version of herself and hasn’t allowed anyone to taint what picture she was sent on Earth to paint!”
    Jonathan Kegler


    “After chatting with Gurds I gradually began to change my mindset and way of thinking about myself. It was more thank just thinking positive, it’s become more a belief in myself and not letting others opinions affect me. This has helped me gradually make sustainable changes. I’ve learnt that one small change at a time is key.”
    Nicola Dickinson

  • “Gurds has a gifted talent in making others to believe in oneself and always raised the standards of achievements that immensely helped me in realising my full potential irrespective of any shortcomings and obstacles. I now believe that anything is possible.”  Shyman Mohan

  • “A stunning young lady that overcame the true horror of her past. You need to hear this stunning lady tell you how to overcome the pain of the past and how to strive.”
    Dr. Leonard Coldwell


Gurds Hundal is a British inspirational speaker, life coach, author and podcast host. She guides people to step into their authentic power and live extraordinary lives, through the principles of self-love, forgiveness and a holistic approach to spirituality. Gurds is the author of ‘Educo: 52 Quotes For A Better Life’, she has also worked as a health journalist, radio presenter, media practitioner and youth mentor for various organisations. She has contributed to Women’s Health, Pulse Today and Huffington Post to name a few, Gurds is an inspiring real life example of everything she teaches. With her contagious energy, positive attitude and love for life, Gurds will make you fall in love with your inner and outer self and begin the journey of a soul warrior.