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As we approach December, I want to take the opportunity to share a beautiful tool in how to raise your vibration. This is the perfect time to do this so we can set ourselves up for Xmas.

This calm tool is so powerful and has been helping me get ready for my operation in December.

I’ll be sharing my operation journey in February and the healing powers of trusting your body and letting everything else flow with ease and grace. 

When we strengthen our energy flow we can work from a place of peace and happiness. 

The holistic tool I’d like to with you is essential oils. Yup, you’re probably wondering oils?

That was my reaction too, until my dear friend Shanon Algeo explained the healing benefits to increase my energy. 

Now I’m not one to fall for anything. I’ve already done the stages of living in retreats and learning lots of healing modalities. But when Shannon came to me about essential oils, something enlightened in my mind.

We spoke about how we light incense sticks and have that smoky air around us, and how essential oils are free of smog.

So I took a leap of faith and decided to try some. My favourite is Lavender. Oh my, it’s amazing for waking you up.

Lavender has been proven to reduce stress and depression and it’s great for keeping you calm before an operation. 

Anyhow, Shannon Algeo is a life coach and yoga teacher and on the show, he explains how we can apply oils to our daily practice. 

It’s interesting that as children, we are introduce to oils, but as adults we begin to forget how amazing they feel!

Shannon also shares his 5 favourite essential oils for someone who has never tried them before. 

Now we’d love to hear from you.

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What’s your favourite essential oil and why?

With all my love and light,


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